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4 fun things to do around Quina a Fonte

Welcome to the enchanting Eastern Algarve, where the B&B Quinta a Fonte has found its home. Set in a lush landscape that stretches from the picturesque coastline deep into the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, this region offers a wealth of opportunities for adventurers, epicures and nature lovers. In this blog we present a series of fun activities that you can do from B&B Quinta a Fonte. Whether you like picturesque fishing villages, being active in nature, relaxing on beautiful beaches or learning all about olive oil production, there is something for everyone here. This blog was written by Portugal experts from Portugal



1. Eastern Algarve fishing villages you definitely want to see


The Eastern Algarve is a treasure trove of picturesque villages and natural beauty. Explore the enchanting coastline, where the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve offers a breathtaking backdrop. Be amazed by the colorful fishing villages of Olhão, Fuseta and Santa Luzia. Below you can read more about these beautiful villages



Hidden gem far away from mass tourism. Here you will find a mix of tranquility and authenticity, perfect for those who want to truly experience the charm. Stroll along the lively boulevard, discover the historic market hall and lose yourself in the narrow streets full of charming shops and restaurants. Olhão is also the ideal starting point to discover other pearls of the Algarve such as Faro and Tavira.



An undiscovered gem where authenticity still prevails. Daily fishing activities bring the sea to life. Explore the local market for fresh produce and discover how village life goes on undisturbed, far away from the tourist crowds.


Santa Lucia

This small, often overlooked village is the octopus capital of Portugal. Traditional fishing methods are still used here, giving Santa Luzia a unique character. Be sure to try the local octopus dishes in the restaurants along the coast while enjoying the views of the Ria Formosa lagoons


2. Beaches of the Eastern Algarve

The beaches around the B&B are really beautiful. A paradise with wide, white sandy beaches. A unique experience is the ferry crossing through the Ria Formosa to the coastal islands. Below you will find more information about the most popular beaches


-   _11100000 -0000-0000-0000-000000000111_ _11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_ Praia Verde: Ideal for families, with calm waters and the shade of pine trees.

-   _11100000 -0000-0000-0000-000000000111_ _11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_ Praia da Ilha de Tavira: Accessible by a charming ferry from Tavira, this beach is an oasis of calm.

-   _11100000 -0000-0000-0000-000000000111_ _11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_ Praia do Barril: A short walk or train ride will take you to this beach, known for its impressive anchor art.

-   _11100000 -0000-0000-0000-000000000111_ _11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_ Praia da Fuseta: Perfect for families with small children, with an easy ferry connection to the offshore island.

-   _11100000 -0000-0000-0000-000000000111_ _11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_ Armona, Culatra and Farol: discover these islands by ferry from Olhão. Take a walk to Farol Lighthouse and enjoy the quiet beaches.

-   _11100000 -0000-0000-0000-000000000111_ _11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_ Praia da Ilha de Faro: Near the airport, accessible via a narrow bridge. An authentic atmosphere with a beautiful promenade for a unique beach walk.


3. Hiking, running and cycling in the Ria Formosa


This nature reserve is a paradise for exercise and nature lovers. Choose your adventure: running, walking, cycling or even an outdoor workout. The paths lead past lagoons, through canals, past salt pans and over islands. With a mix of paved roads, dirt roads and wooden bridges, there's always a new route to explore.


The “Ecovia do Litoral”; winds through this nature reserve. This coastal route connects Sagres in the west with Vila Real de Santo Antonio on the Spanish border. Clear signs and markings show you the way. Start where you want and end where your adventure takes you. B&B Quinta a Fonte is also happy to help you with rental bikes so you can cycle part of this route!

4. Visit the olive grove De Monterosa

A secret oasis near Albufeira and Faro. Here, first-class olive oil is produced with passion and care on 15 hectares of land. The olives are still traditionally hand-picked, but are processed using modern techniques to produce six unique varieties of olive oil.


Experience a unique tour in Monterosa that will take you through the fascinating process of olive oil production in an hour and a half. And of course there's a delicious olive oil tasting at the end - don't worry who's behind the wheel! Tickets for this experience cost €13.00 for adults and €7.00 for children, with special options for groups.


In the Monterosa boutique you can pick up your favorite olive oil. The price for a 500 ml bottle of Extra Virgin is approximately €21.00. Extra tip: Also visit the olive factory in Tavira for a tasting of local olive varieties and a round of wine.

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